Colombian Folktales

The jungle was a fierce woman with long and entangled hair that intimidated those who dared penetrate her domain .the one-legged woman, an ancient legend told along the Magdalena River basin. Also known as "the man-devouring woman," this is a macabre spirit with entangled, long hair down to her feet, whose two thighs become one leg like the trunk of a tree. However, with this singleOne_Foot.JPG leg she can move as fast as the fastest animal of the forest, screaming her scary wail, which is heard in the dark nights of the woods. People say she mesmerizes men with her crying, which turns increasingly piteous as she approaches her victims. She transfigures herself into a beast before she kills the victim, sucking its blood and chewing its bones.

The Weeping Woman is the ghost of a woman crying for her dead children that she
drowned. Her appearances are sometimes held to presage death.

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Who do you think this legend are these about ?

Draw a pictures and make up some goshtly experiences